Aims and scope

The SPMCS international workshop series is destined mainly to communicate and exchange research results and information on the fundamental challenges and questions in the vanguard of statistical physics, thermodynamics and mathematics for complex systems. More specifically, the topics of interest touch but are not limited to the followings:

- Fundamental aspects in the application of statistical physics and thermodynamics to complex systems and their modeling

- Finite size and nonextensive system

- Fluctuation theorems and equalities, quantum thermodynamics

- Variational principle for random dynamics

- Fractal geometry, fractional mathematics

     We hope that this forth SPMCS exchange will be helpful and instructive for the participants, especially for the junior scientists and students to get wider and deeper visions and to develop their own new ideas around this mysterious, philosophy laden, fascinating, and extremely useful bridge of understanding over the abyss between the macro and micro physics.

All interested scientists and students are welcome to this meeting!